We offer a carefully designed list of popular activities for you to experience during your time here.

Tharu Cultural Dance

In the evening, guests at Kasara can experience the vibrant traditional cultural performances of the Tharu community. These performances tell the tales of their culture, and their wardrobes reflect the relationship between their people and their environment. The performance takes place by the outdoor fireplace, and guests should come prepared to dance! This performance, for which Kasara offers a generous honorarium, is also a way in which the community and our resort partner to literally make it feasible to keep the traditional performances alive for future generations.
Tharu dance
Tharu girls
guest involving in Tharu culture
Tharu dance

Ox Cart Village Tour

Ox cart ride is a fun way to explore the Tharu village and learn about their culture. The Tharu ethnic group has long inhabited the Chitwan region. And so a trip to this part of the world would not be complete without getting a sense of what their world and lives are like. We offer to take our guests to their villages so they can interact with the locals.
Ox cart village tour

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