We offer a carefully designed list of popular activities for you to experience during your time here.

Elephant Experience

During the guests’ stay with us they will be allotted an elephant, a mahout and a naturalist. The naturalist will teach the guest/s everything they need to know about elephants. The mahout will guide and teach the guest to prepare snacks and meals for the elephant. The guest can spend an entire day and engage in activities such as bathing the elephant, feeding it, learn a few commands, accompany the elephant when it goes to collect grass. All this will be done under the supervision of the mahout and the Naturalist to ensure that the guests have a safe and good time.
wildlife in chitwan

Elephant Safaris

Elephant Safaris have remained a popular jungle activity in the Chitwan National park for generations. In the era gone by, such safaris were regularly reserved for hunting parties of Aristocrats and Royals. For some time now, elephant safaris have served as medium through which guests to the region can connect with Chitwan’s forests and its inhabitants. On the safaris, the Mahout leads the elephant on a journey to seek out the forest’s wild animals in their natural setting. The lucky ones often go home with photographic proof of the prized one horned rhino, or even the Bengal tiger! Although the connection with nature and the experience of being in the forest, on the back of an elephant is no second prize!
canoeing in Chitwan

Canoe ride

A scenic trip cruising on the Rapti River in a dugout canoe, made from a single tree. Guests can spot various birds and crocodile species and other animals alongside the banks.
canoeing in chitwan
sightseeing while canoeing
canoeing with life jackets
tour guide
tourists canoeing
tourist photographing crocodile
jungle walk

Jungle walk

Jungle walk is an educational and healthy way to get to know the Chitwan forests and its habitat. Our expert guides and naturalist will escort our guests in these walks, sightings of various species of animals such as deer, rhinos, monkeys and birds are some of the perks of going on the jungle walk.
crossing the jungle bridge
walking into the forest
tourists exploring Chitwan national park
tourists walking through Chitwan national park

Bird Watching

Chitwan National park’s 932 sq. km is home to over 650 species of birds.
Flocks of common and demoiselle cranes occur on passage between March and May,
and again between October and November. You will also spot Cormorants, Dater,
Cinnamon Bittern, Black-Crowned Night, Purple Herons, Kingfishers along the marshes
and small lakes in the Park.
small rare bird

Crocodile Breeding Center (CBC)

The visit to the Crocodile breeding center is another educational tour where our guests can observe and learn of the utmost care taken to preserve and breed species of crocodile to prevent them from going extinct.
Kasara Resort jeep safari
crocodile eating fish
jungle safari on jeep
guests relaxing after jungle safari

Jeep safari

With our first of its kind 4WD Safari jeep, guests will be taken on an adventurous tour into the jungle where they can spot and photograph the one horned rhinoceros, Royal Bengal Tiger, Leopard, Sloth bear, various species of deer, monkey and birds.
driving along the river


Cycle your way around, exploring the edges of the National park or the nearby villages
two cycles on a bridge
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