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Awaken Your Natural Spirit


Awaken Your Natural Spirit

As the millennia-old adage on health goes, the optimal functioning of human sense organs is instrumental to his well-being. Our aim is to provide you with an epic experience so that you can take off empowered and rejuvenated.

In a location filled with an abundance of pranic energy and surrounded by nature, we offer tailor-made services, which vitalize your body, refresh your senses and give rest to your mind.

Serenity Spa

We invite you to refresh, re-energize, detox, de-stress, and dissolve in luxurious therapies at Serenity Spa so that you can take what you need and leave behind the redundant.

We created a customized spa massage menu in accordance with this lineage, based on natural laws to balance all of your bodily elements. To cater to your requirements, our team is well-trained and experienced in both modern and traditional settings. The product line used in our treatments is available in the shop and is exclusively made for our requirements, we assure you of a high-quality experience.


    Serving your wellness journey to a complete state of harmony, Yogashala is our healing space surrounded by lush greenery. You can indulge in meditation and practice yoga in this open space with a roof while feeling more connected to nature.

      Feel comfortable to select from the menu and allow yourself pampering of several hours or days, getting in touch with your nature.You can complement this by more active options such as morning yoga classes and swimming, or passively indulge in our sauna and steam bath.

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